Deine Tierwelt Redesign

My Role

UI Designer


6 weeks


Figma & FigJam


This is a re-design project for Deine Tierwelt, a pet adoption mobile app from Germany. After using the app several times, I found some parts that need to be improved. Therefore, I took about 6 weeks to re-designed some of the interfaces to make the whole experience easier and more intuitive!

Colors & Typography

Assessment on the app

I assessed the Deine Tierwelt app interface and record the notes, marks, and ideas via FigJam. 



Home Page


The top hero image of the home page takes too much space which makes users lose the focus point. As a result, the pet posts cannot show on the first land of the app, users have to scroll down to see more posts. 


The new version is more minimalistic and only showing the most important information.  I also removed the text of the bottom menu bar, and picked some icons that are easy to understand. 




The top “previous post” and “next post” is rarely used by the users; therefore, I removed them. I have also made the price larger because in the old version it’s relatively small. 


Assessment on the login/sign up flow

In first few tries, I experienced a poorly designed onboarding flow which leaved me a bad impression. Therefore, I created a new user flow for login or signup.

Screen - Login/Sign up

Thank you for watching!