My role

Project Owner & UX Designer


2.5 Months


Figma, Notion, Microsoft Teams, Pinterest, Typeform



Create a digital platform for patients to find available doctors ASAP and provide them with self-care information while waiting or after sessions, also increase the efficiency for doctors via the AI health chatbot. 

Project Timeline

Market Research

I researched healthcare in the Netherlands in general and conversational UX, and organized the findings on Notion. 

Competitive analysis

Quantitative Research


After discussions with the co-founders, we decided that the landing page will be in the “Tired layer cake layout” due to the different content in different sections. 

The wireframe on the right is implemented based on the feedback within the team. 


The team had an external designer to help with the logo and the brand book, but there was difficulty deciding on the brand color. Therefore, I created 2 mood boards that this project represents the most to me so that the designer could have more feedback on the color and the meaning behind them. 

Design system

Landing Page Mockups


The project is closed due to several reasons, but I’ve learned so much during these 2.5 months…

  • Market research 
  • Remote user research (Nielsen Norman Group lessons)
  • Branding 

Also, I’ve sharpened my skills in…

  • Competitive analysis
  • Survey design
  • Landing page design