Product & UX design intern in Fitsurance

My role

Product & UX/UI Design Intern


7 months


Figma, WordPress, Typeform

March 2022
Joined the team
  • Onboarding
  • Familiarizing with the team, team members, company culture, responsibilities, and tasks. 
April 2022
Health Psychology Survey

Built a health psychology survey to collect users' feedback on the health psychology sessions of the upgraded products, and helps create awareness of the importance of mental challenges.  

May 2022
Survey launched & Redesigned the landing page
  • Launched the survey
  • Built the wireframes and lo-fi prototypes of the new landing page which better matched the new products and business visions
Sep 2022
User testing & Strategies
  • Collected feedback on the landing page
  • Responsible for the business  and marketing strategies of the product
  • Promoted the product and user testing on social media

Competitive analysis

Product landing page

What have I learned?

  • WordPress and designing skills
  • Communication, presentation, and collaboration skills with co-founders, team members, and external partners while remote working
  • Take responsibility for the products from beginning to launching, and afterward, collect feedback
  • Business and marketing strategies to expose and sell the products